Richmond FC has started it's second team!!
We are now shaping up our lower division team, which is called Richmond FC Masters. As though Richmond FC was founded in 2013, our new team was just created in the Fall of 2017.
As for our Richmond FC team: We were second division's champions this past season; We are getting ready to play the first division on the Spring of 2018.
The Original Uniform and Team's Shield.
Our custom made uniform was made by Kickball Uniformes and designed by 2Jedi Studio.
Thanks for the great job everyone!
Click here to see our uniform design on the 2Jedi Studio website!
2Jedi Studio also designed our team's Shield!
New Uniforms are now ready!!
Our new custom made uniforms are now ready and will be used in our next season! Thanks to our new Sponsors Absolute Stone Designs and Westview Companies